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"Healing Your Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions, Environment, and Pocketbook"



At some point during the process of your 'creation', one of the intelligences spawned from                       , was involved in a marvelous transformational process and emerged as an integral component, connected with the body of your gender-specific spirit.


NOTE: A 'spirit body' has shape (form) and mass. However,  the spirit body is infinitely more highly refined (and weighs much, much less)  than a 'physical body'. Under most circumstances, we cannot see or 'touch' spirits; but through 'enlightenment', spirits can become visible to us.  Fortunately, or unfortunately for us (depending on your viewpoint), this rarely occurs.


At another point in your creation - the instant of conception - your gender-specific spirit became entwined with the (gender-specific) fertilized ovum and thus, the growing, gender-specific fetus. Over time, you emerged into this world as a gender-specific human being, completely fused with your intelligence and spirit. From the Creation standpoint, a 'soul' is a complete female or male individual, comprised of  intelligence (mind), body, and spirit. Therefore, Mind (intelligence) + Spirit + Body = Soul.


Contrary to popular belief, it takes three combined elements to comprise a soul. The word spirit is not a synonym for the word soul.


In their own time and fashion, all members of the plant and animal kingdoms of this Earth were  'created'.


Our Sun, and Mother Earth - intelligent, living entities - were also physically created from their spiritual form and in their own manner.  







Differing from other members of the Animal Kingdom, Human Beings are endowed with Higher Faculties of the Mind (HFM), which are directed and fine-tuned by their Intelligences and Spirits.


Higher Faculties of the Mind include, but are not limited to:


Agency is the ability to use the Conscious and Sub-Conscious aspects of the mind to make independent decisions. Although humans have the ability to make decisions, they are never able to escape the good or bad consequences of those decisions.

Clairvoyance, or ‘second sight’, expands human awareness, enabling them to more clearly envision things which their eyes alone cannot see.

Imagination is a creative faculty which, when fully developed, allows persons to form amazing mental images from which ideas are born and incubated.

Intuition provides instant access to information and knowledge through vibrations received from sources throughout the Universe.

Memory Enhancement optimizes the operation of storing information for instant recall.

Perception enhances awareness, discernment, vision, and understanding.

Reason and logic help humans to carefully choose their thoughts and develop new ideas.

Will is an unparalled instrument of organized vision; allowing humans to see, hold, and examine one idea at a time without becoming distracted.


As you develop the Higher Faculties of  your mind, your Mental Powers will increase, your Comprehension will be accelerated, and you will achieve Empowered Conclusions, Judgements, and Insights.


Achieving an altered state of awareness through MEDITATION,  is  a Super Food, which enhances the effectiveness of both the intelligence and the spirit.


By connecting your mind, body, and spirit with the greatest powers of all creation, you generate entirely new points of view and a whole new way of perceiving the wonders of your expanding universe.