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EQUISISOS THEORY-an overview©      By Richard L. Newell


Scientists tell us that there is a Law of the Conservation of Energy. Namely, that energy exists. Not only does energy exist, it can neither be created nor destroyed. It can, however, undergo change and exhibit itself in one form or another. Energy can also be transferred from one form or object to another.


THE EQUISISOS THEORY is a device of the author and, is the cornerstone of. Embracing Abundance and Cosmic Expansion, Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health (CETHH) (formerly known as Equisisos-Connected Transformational Holistic Healing), Cosmic Expansion Meditative Exercise (CEME), The Brain Enrichment System, etc.


In its primal form, energy exists as an unseen, seemingly unorganized, intelligent, quantum matrix which infuses, saturates, and occupies all space throughout the universe. Let us give this stuff a new name: EQUISISOS. Pronounced-E as in equal; QUI as in quit; SI as in sit; and SOS as in sauce. This name represents the first letter of each of the following words which describe it: an Energized Quantum Unformed Intelligent Substance which Infuses, Saturates, and Occupies all Space. Hence, EQUISISOS™ . As stated in the Law of the Conservation of Energy: energy exists. Likewise, EQUISISOS exists. 


Question-if EQUISISOS (as stated above) fills all large and small spaces in the universe, there must be a lot of it, huh?

Answer-more than a lot of it - an enormous amount of it! More than you or I can comprehend just thinking about it.

Questions: What’s that got to do with me? What’s it good for?

Answer-to answer both questions: everything - and everything.


Here, I’ll make it simple for you. In this writing, the scriptural concept of creation is used and the word God (masculine) is used to represent the Creator of the Universe. If you feel more comfortable using different terms such as “Jehovah’, ‘Creator’, ‘Buddha’, ‘Divine’, ‘Higher Power’, etc.-go ahead and make the substitution. If you don’t believe the creation theory, hang in there, baby. I’m just trying to give an illustration of which many people can make some sense.


“I, the Lord God, made the heaven and the earth.” [1] Even before that took place, something else happened - “For I, the Lord God, created all things of which I have spoken (heaven, earth, light, water, land, plants, sun, moon, water creatures,

land creatures, winged fowl, etc.) spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth.” [2] (emphasis added).


Now, here’s Brother Richard’s concept of ‘creation’.

EQUISISOS exists. Not only that, EQUISISOS lives! By definition, EQUISISOS is a form of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can, however, undergo change and exhibit itself in one form or another – or may be transformed from one form (or object) to another. Also by definition, EQUISISOS has intelligence!


Carefully formed, purposeful thoughts (spiritual seeds) can be imprinted on EQUISISOS. Doing so sets up a chain of cause and effect events. The thought must be precise. All details have to be worked out beforehand and included in the thought before an effective imprint can be made on EQUISISOS. Also, the thought must be very strong; there needs to be some ‘muscle’ behind it. Examples of thoughts which will not imprint on EQUISISOS are disconnected flights of the imagination, wishy-washy ideas, faint daydreams, half-hearted wishes, and things similar to them.


The great motivational speaker, Bob Proctor, once said, “Two percent of the people think. Three percent of the people think they think - and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.”


I certainly hope this is not the case. But, even if it is, enough effective thinking can be acquired to do the job of imprinting on EQUISISOS with just a little practice. It is not hard at all for me to concentrate on those things which I really want, and I can have lots of fun doing it.


Stated previously, carefully formed, purposeful thoughts can be imprinted on EQUISISOS. Such imprinting sets up a chain of cause and effect events:

          First, -EQUISISOS goes through some changes. Energy is rearranged until a portion of EQUISISOS forms itself into the spiritual equivalent of what will become the final product.

          Second, -EQUISISOS will look for some way for the imprint to reach is final form. If current manufacturing facilities, raw materials, and technologies are adequate to do the job, the creation process, for whatever it is trying to achieve, could come about within a reasonable amount of time. If, however, necessary technology does not currently exist, that technology will, in time, be created. If suitable manufacturing facilities do not exist, they, too, must be created. Engineering and specialized skills and labor will be provided. These processes may take an additional but unspecified amount of time before the creation process is completed.

In the meantime, by doing my job or engaging in commerce, I am harvesting wealth to purchase (or barter for) the final product when it comes to me.

          Third, - further rearrangement within EQUISISOS takes place. This happens very quickly and appears to be chaotic. (Chaos is exhibited in a random pattern of movement - without apparent purpose). When things inside EQUISISOS appear to be most disruptive, the spiritual equivalent of the imprinted thought in the substance undergoes a quantum leap and emerges as the final product. The final product is the same energy as before, but has changed itself into a different form.


The gospel-using THE EQUISISOS THEORY, (according to Brother Richard):

This is the same process which God used when He created the heaven and the earth, and all things, therein. By imprinting precise, purposeful thought on EQUISISOS, all things were created spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth.


Communicating With Myself

There must be a unified continual flow of communication connecting my mind, body, spirit, and emotions. In order for me to take part in creation, this communication must be done effectively and in a precise manner. The object(s) of my thought(s) must be steadfast, fixed and unwavering as they relate to my wants, needs and desires.


Mixed signals of any kind interrupt this flow of communication and produce a state of boggling confusion. The muddle which follows delays the creation process or, in its extreme state, blocks it entirely.


No one has actually seen the mind. Through the process of creation, my mind derives its intelligence from EQUISISOS. My mind works through a computer-like switching station called the brain. I can see a brain but I cannot see my mind. My brain doesn’t think. My mind thinks through the brain and uses the brain to control my body. As a man thinketh, so is he. [3] To a great extent, my conscious thoughts determine what happens in my life. (Cause - effect.) Ideally, my mind functions as directed by my spirit - resulting in thoughts, words, and actions which are In Line With Divine*.


EQUISISOS and Communication

Intelligent EQUISISOS fills all spaces throughout the Universe. That includes all spaces in me-throughout my entire body-and throughout every ‘solid’ object I encounter. This may explain how harsh winds can be stilled, billowing waves can be calmed, and mountains can be moved-simply by the voice of authority.


As a continuum throughout all space, EQUISISOS is the medium through which I communicate with Deity. My prayers are transmitted instantaneously. However, I need to take time to listen (meditate) and wait until my answer is received from the Divine through inspiration or personal revelation. Sometimes the answer is ‘no.’ Sometimes the answer is ‘not now.’ Most often, though, I am guided to take specific action which will be instrumental in bringing about the desired results. Hence: thought + action = results.

EQUISISOS is also the means by which godly testimony resonates with truth within me-and speaks to me directly: spirit to spirit.


EQUISISOS allows clairvoyant ‘seers’ to observe past, present and future events.

EQUISISOS includes all intelligence and, as such, is the medium through which all the knowledge throughout the universe is stored. Through inspiration (one of the higher faculties of the mind) inventors, authors, poets, musicians, artists and others use their innate ability to tap into this vast resource as they, along with all life forms, seek the means for expansion and fuller expression.


The concept of EQUISISOS explains how individual members of a flock of birds or a school of fish give and receive information which results in abrupt and instantaneous change in speed or direction of the entire school or flock. It also explains how birds, animals, and sea creatures are guided through their migratory patterns.


EQUISISOS also contains a grid-like network through which Indigos and others with highly developed capabilities are able to communicate among themselves. The same ‘grid’ provides the means by which psychic healers are able to minister to others over great distances.


EQUISISOS transmits light, heat, sound color, feelings, and enhances healing, memory, love, and all of the higher faculties of the mind. As a time-space continuum, EQUISISOS may prove to be the link through which instantaneous cosmic travel for humans may become possible. Many people believe that angels and other heavenly beings visit and interact with residents of our planet. Brother Richard feels that they have been using the EQUISISOS time-space continuum for this purpose since the dawn of civilization. It also may include the migratory pathway of spirits as they move into and away from the body, namely: conception, out-of-body experiences, and death.


This era has been termed the ‘Information Age. EQUISISOS, of course, is the backbone of the internet, and the computerization which makes it all possible. This includes the creation, scanning, storage, retrieval, playback, and transmission of electronic and/or digital data - Audio and Visual, Sensory, and - Extrasensory!


The author maintains that there is much about the earth upon which we live of which most of us are totally unaware. See The World Within Book One and Waltraub: The World Within Book Two. It is said - if we only knew where to look for them, civilizations exist which use technology - so far advanced beyond ours - that would overwhelm and astonish even the most brilliantly creative, astute and clever minds of our present-day civilization.


Questions: 1. What does EQUISISOS have to do with me? 2.What is EQUISISOS good for?

The answer-to both questions: everything – and - everything!


[1], [2] Moses Ch. 2, 3 - Pearl of Great Price

[3] Proverbs 23:7

* The term “In line with Divine” is from the Teachings of Chanel Amend and Audrey Strong


© Copyright 2010 by The Richard L, Newell Revocable Trust

EQUISISOS ™ is a trademark of the Richard L. Newell Revocable Trust.

When the acronym EQUISISOS is used, the ™ is implied.